Upcoming Event

Attention customers and vendors!  Please join us on Thursday, September 12th for our annual customer and vendor Hot Rod Thursday Night Garage Association BBQ from 3:00 p.m. until sundown.  Bring your hot rods, bikes, boats, etc.

Our Process
  • Process planning sheets are developed with sales order to capture special processing requirements prior to release to production.
  • 5-stage chemical wash pre-treatment, emersion zinc phosphate, emersion manganese phosphate, paint stripping and abrasive blasting (sand-blasting).
  • Mask per customer PO notes and/or drawing notes.
  • Electrostatic application of powder with state-of-the-art production powder coating equipment.
  • Natural gas oven heated curing processes.
  • Statistical process quality control of chemical solutions, critical to consistent and high quality finish.
  • 100% Visual inspection for consistent quality and color prior to packaging.
  • Packaging per customer specifications.

Powder coatings are solvent free and contain no volatile organic compounds, making this finishing process environmentally friendly.


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